Wide-belt grinder Buldog 7

Alternative name: Buldog 7

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Working unit RC
Control panel
Working unit c with pneumatic adjustement of working roller and sanding pad
mechanic correction of working height by grain size of sanding belt
Couple of rubbered press rollers
Belt tensioning
Category: Wood grinding machines
Intended use: test, test, test - specification

The machine development is based on successful series Buldog 5, which proved to be successful at customers worldwide. The machine with its construction and options is designed for high demand operation during the grinding of massif, veneer surfaces, MDF or base putties and varnishes. The permanent desk height enables to use the machine in technological lines. The achieved high quality of grinded surfaces and the level of automated grinding processed ranks the machine amongst the higher medium class.

Interesting product

  • efficient, comfortably fitted wide-belt grinder with the option of extensive accessories and assembly of various aggregates it is fitted with solid desk – suitable for production line

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Wide-belt grinder Buldog 7 is designed for:

  • sanding workpieces made from wood, wood base composite materials, paper and some plastic materials and metals
Motor performance kW
Weight kg 1380/1500/1770
Pressured air consumption l/min 50/300
Machine dimensions (L/W/H) mm 1525 × 1910 × 2010/1715 × 1910 × 2010/1915 × 1910 × 2010
Desk lifting motor power kW -
Multipurpose diameter of exhaust nozzle mm 2 × 150/2 × 180
Air suction speed m/s 20
Voltage / frequency V / Hz 3/N/PE 400V/50Hz
operating pressure bar 5,5
Work width mm 910/1100/1300
Maximum workpiece height mm 3-160
Max. operating width mm 910/1100/1300
Min. - Max. workpiece height mm 3-160
Feed belt speed m/min 4,5/9
Grinding belt width mm 930/1120/1320
Grinding roller diameter mm 160-200
Grinding belt speed m/min 18,5
Input of grinding belt motor kW 11
Input of feeding belt motor kW 0,58/0,75
Two-speed feeding belt motor kW -

Standard equipment

  • operating roller rubber coated D=160 mm, 90 Sh
  • 2. Operating roller rubber coated D=160 mm, 45 Sh (version RR, RC)
  • 2. Operating roller rubber coated D=160 mm, 90Sh; 3. Operating roller rubber coated D=160 mm, 45Sh (version RRR, RRC)
  • grinding belt width 2200 mm
  • automatic switching - star / triangle
  • ammeter for motor current measuring of grinding unit
  • oscillation control grinding belt by means of optic electric sensor with infrared beam
  • fixed desk, moving grinding unit
  • motorized lift of grinding units
  • electronic measuring with digital indicator
  • workpiece height positioning
  • automatic movement to entered position
  • mechanical correction of operating height depending on the grinding belt grain size
  • electronic correction of height measuring of outlet workpiece depending on the grinding belt grain size
  • automatic setting of operating rollers into pre-programmed positions
  • two speeds of feeding belt 4,5/ 9 m/min
  • rubber coated thrust rollers - 3 pcs on inlet and 2 pcs outlet
  • pneumatic disk brake of main motor
  • operating pressure switch 3,5 - 4,0 bar
  • air pressure regulation for stretching the grinding belt 2,5 - 5,5 bar (aggregate C)
  • noise pollution inspection
  • CE electric and safety standard

Optional accessories

  • motor 20 HP (15 kw), 25 HP (18,5 kw)
  • rubber coated roller Ø 160 mm 30, 45, 60, 90 Sh; Ø 200 mm 30, 45, 60, 90 Sh
  • steel roller Ø 160 or 200 mm
  • NC machine control colour Touchscreen 10,4"
  • two speeds of grinding belt 9/18 m/sec - max. 11 kw
  • frequency converter of feeding belt speed 3 - 12m/min
  • frequency converter of the main motor- belt speed 3-24m/s
  • two speed motor for lifting the grinding units
  • grinding roller with bounce and thrust
  • limiting the maximum workpiece reduction
  • thrust bars for grinding short pieces
  • automatic centering of feeding belt
  • automatic workpiece positioner
  • pneumatic blow for cleaning grinding belt
  • pneumatic time blow for cleaning the grinding paper
  • pneumatic time blow with nozzle oscillation for cleaning grinding belt
  • additional desk - inlet
  • additional desk - outlet
  • pneumatic base with bounce and thrust
  • two position pneumatic base with bounce and thrust
  • divided, pneumatically controlled base, bounce and thrust, width of segment 30 mm
  • divided, electr. Controlled base , width of segments 30 mm + NC machine control Touchscreen 10,4"
  • parts cleaning module with orbital blow
  • module for cleaning parts with rotating textile or nylon Brush diameter 140 mm 1,5 kw (2 HP)
  • vacuum desk
  • air pump 4 kw

Wide-belt grinder Maxx

Wide-belt grinder Maxx

  • high performance robust machine suitable for production lines
  • maxx is designed for the highest demands for performance and operating load

3D model

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