Wide-belt grinder Buldog 5

Alternative name: Buldog 5

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Category: Wood grinding machines
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Original construction of the production series if machines Buldog 5 was developed for customers who require simplicity, reliability, and quality of all grinding technologies. The grinding of massif, veneer surfaces, and varnishes is a simple matter for this machine. The machine is recognized for its robustness, reliability, and variability of grinding aggregates combinations. The assets of wide-belt grinders series Buldog – after producing several thousands of pieces – is the verified satisfaction and reliability at the customers worldwide.

Interesting product

  • multipurpose machine with the option of fitting with various operating aggregates verified robust construction

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Wide-belt grinder Buldog 5 is designed for:

  • sanding workpieces made from wood, wood base composite materials, paper and some plastic materials and metals
  • the sanded materials must not sparkle during sanding or change its features and shape due to increasing temperature occuring during sanding
Motor performance kW
Weight kg 850-1350/980-1640/1170-1770/1230-1890/1420-2050
Pressured air consumption l/min 20-60/200-300; 20-80/250-300; 20-80/300
Machine dimensions (L/W/H) mm -
Desk lifting motor power kW 0,18
Multipurpose diameter of exhaust nozzle mm 150/180
Air suction speed m/s 20
Voltage / frequency V / Hz 3/N/PE 400V/50Hz
operating pressure bar 5,5
Work width mm 630/910/1010/1100/1300
Maximum workpiece height mm 3-160
Max. operating width mm 630/910/1010/1100/1300
Min. - Max. workpiece height mm 3-160
Feed belt speed m/min 4,5/9
Grinding belt width mm 650/930/1030/1120/1330
Grinding roller diameter mm 160
Grinding belt speed m/min 18
Input of grinding belt motor kW 7,5/11
Input of feeding belt motor kW 0,45/0,3
Two-speed feeding belt motor kW -

Standard equipment

  • operating roller rubber coated D=160 mm, 90 Sh (R, C, RR, RC, FC, RRR, RRC, FRC)
  • operating roller rubber coated D=160 mm, 45 Sh (RR, RC, RRR, RRC, FRC)
  • milling roller (FC, FRC)
  • grinding belt width 1900 mm
  • motorized desk lift Automatic switching - star / triangle
  • ammeter for measuring the motor current of grinding unit
  • oscillation control grinding belt by means of optic electric sensor with infrared beam
  • desk positioner
  • mechanically adjustable base
  • electronic desk position measuring with digital indicator
  • operating pressure switch 3,5-4 bar
  • two speeds of feeding belt 4,5/ 9 m/min
  • rubber coated thrust rollers
  • pneumatic disk brake of main motor
  • pneumatic lift of grinding belt for 1. Unit and mechanical lift for gr. Belt for 2. Unit
  • noise pollution inspection
  • CE electric and safety standard

Optional accessories

  • 15 HP (11 kw)
  • motor 20HP (15kw)
  • motor 25HP (18,5kw)
  • motor Two speeds of grinding belt 9/18 m/sec (max. 11 kw)
  • two speed motor for desk lifting
  • operating roller rubber coated D=160 mm, 30, 45, 60, 90 Sh
  • steel roller D=160 mm Adjustment for grinding belt length 2200 mm (machine height + 200 mm)
  • frequency converter of feeding belt speed 3 - 12 m/min
  • frequency converter of the main motor- belt speed 3 - 24 m/s
  • NC machine control colour Touchscreen 10,4"
  • automatic desk movement to entered position
  • desk lift 220 mm
  • limiting the maximum workpiece reduction - mechanical
  • thrust bars for grinding short pieces
  • automatic centering of feeding belt
  • automatic desk positioner
  • pneumatic blow for cleaning grinding belt
  • pneumatic time blow for cleaning the grinding paper
  • pneumatic time blow with nozzle oscillation for cleaning grinding belt
  • module for parts cleaning with rotary brush Ø 140 mm, 1,1 kw (1,5 HP)
  • parts cleaning module with orbital blow Additional desk - inlet, additional desk - outlet
  • pneumatic base
  • pneumatic base with bounce and thrust
  • two position base with bounce and thrust
  • divided, pneumatically controlled base, bounce and thrust, width of segment 30 mm
  • divided, electronically controlled base, bounce and thrust, width of segment 30 mm + NC machine control
  • pneumatically lifting 2.Operating unit
  • vacuum desk
  • air pump 4 kw

Wide-belt grinder Buldog 7

Wide-belt grinder Buldog 7

  • efficient, comfortably fitted wide-belt grinder with the option of extensive accessories and assembly of various aggregates
  • suitable for production line

Wide-belt grinder Maxx

Wide-belt grinder Maxx

  • high performance robust machine suitable for production lines
  • maxx is designed for the highest demands for performance and operating load

3D model

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