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Do not underestimate the regular maintenance and avoid the worst - production standstill. The authorized service HOUFEK ensures not only the service of metalworking machines. We put your machine into operation and increase its effectivity by incorporating new components. Our metalworking machines are equipped for remote diagnostics, so we know where the problem is, even before we reach you. Thus, the time is considerably minimized, which is necessary for the repair, and your production is adjusted only for the bare minimum duration. We minimize downtime in case of failure, so that we can save your company costs. We provide the equipment service sure we take care of regular maintenance, we deliver new components we replace the damaged parts of the service center HOUFEK Řezník Jaromír Service Manager Tel .: 569 430 740 Mobile +420: +420737243902

We can guarantee:

  1. Machines made in Bohemia 
  2. Post-warranty service 
  3. Extensive selection of accessories
  4. High quality machines

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