PR brána – Create your own PR article free of charge. AutoBrána – Car advertising, offer of cars. Medical, trekking, and work footwear. Aluminium sheet metal and profiles from professional. Cheap tools for workshops for favourable prices. It is designed for professional application. Connecting material for favourable prices. Work gloves of all types and materials. Work protective aids PETEX. Work footwear provides maximum protection. Multipurpose drills for profi and hobby use. Pricelist for scrap metal purchase in scrap yard kalorie Stolička Olomouc. Quality and reliable tools NAKOL. Work aid from Total Protect provides safe work for you and your employees. Brána bydlení.cz – New portal on living and trends. Read about the news in interior design and other types on better living. Welded networks for industrial and farming use. We supply high quality work clothing for companies and state institutes. Professional tools for tile fitters, and tiles Montolit. Reliable and comfortable footwear for your employees. We offer warranty and post-warranty service of CNC machines advisory activity, and professional service via telephone. Breaking machines of lock paving will enable you to divide materials of irregular surfaces and shapes. Do you need cutting tools which handle everything easily? Select the diamond disks. Farming technology for preparation of soil and for sowing. Work clothing reliably protect from adverse weather effects. We offer horizontal packaging machines for continual packaging of goods in foil. Raincoats, trousers, overall, and other work clothing of high quality are available in our internet store. Our scrap yard will purchase your iron scrap. Live ecologically and earn money. We are happy to purchase scrap metal. The inverter welding machine is designed for DIY fans and professionals. At handles aluminium, steel, copper, and other non-ferous metals. VYSOKOZDVIŽNÉ VOZÍKY s.r.o. Our main feature are used forklifts of all world recognized branches. We are the largest seller ion the filed of used handling technology in the Czech Republic. Rely on quality helpers during work. The metal-cutting achiness will be reliably at your service. Hire of welding machines, cutting machines, and tools - it is AKis stavební stroje s.r.o. The packing machines for vacuum packing of food, production of plastic cups and bowls. We offer mobile, gravity, and semi-automatic belt saws for metal PILANA. We offr CNC metal processing by means of the latest technologies. Wooden facades and lining will provide new look to your house. Rely on highly reliable pole hammer for diggers and tractors. Mutual exchange of links If you are interested in mutual exchange of links with your web, contact us on email Select the source code and insert it in your pages Wood grinders with maximum performance for favourable price. Machines for CNC machining Houfek have accurate stability and quality workshop processing. Rely on quality tested for many years, and purchase wood processing machines from professionals. Robust professional wood milling machines are of high quality and reliable with unique features. Select from our offer. Join many satisfied customers and purchase CNC milling machines with many positive features. We offer high quality and reliable shaper for DIY fans, craftsmen, and joiners, It includes simple operation, which is also very safe. The shaper is used for workpiece thickness adjustment from the lower side. Select from our offer. Belt grinder for wood is multipurpose machine designed for grinding board surfaces, minor parts, edges of boards, and more.

We can guarantee:

  1. Machines made in Bohemia 
  2. Post-warranty service 
  3. Extensive selection of accessories
  4. High quality machines

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