Edge grinder HB 900

Alternative name: Edge grinder HB 900

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Category: Profi
Intended use: Massif, composite

Construction of the edge grinder is optimised to provide multipurpose use, construction simplicity, and price convenience. Construction materials and components used, together with the technical design, guarantee reliable and safe machine operation, high quality of grinding.

Interesting product

  • edge grinder which can be fitted with accessories for grinding of radius edges with the option of using grinding rollers of various diameters

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The edge grinder HB 900 is multipurpose machine designed for:

  • grinding of perpendicular and bevelled edges of smaller workpieces placed on height adjustable worktop with the option of using the support rotary ruler forming a part of optional equipment
  • grinding surfaces of minor parts on tilted grinding unit to the horizontal position with the option of using the longitudinal shifting ruler attached on height adjustable worktop
  • grinding round and radius edges and surfaces of small parts by means of the grinding ruler using the height adjustable, auxiliary desk
Motor performance kW 1,5
Weight kg 150
Grinding belt length mm 2400
Worktop length mm 750
Worktop width mm 330
Motor rpm rpm
Multipurpose diameter of exhaust nozzle mm 100
Grinding belt width mm 150
Grinding belt speed m/s 14,5
Worktop tilting ° 0 - 90
Tilting grinding units °

Standard equipment

  • motor 1,5 kW
  • overloading protection
  • width of belt 150 mm
  • belt oscillation
  • rubber coated propeller roller + side additional desk 420 x 400 mm
  • CE electric and safety standard

Optional accessories

  • additional upper desk, including grinding roller , d=60 mm
  • angle ruler
  • set of rollers , d=45-80-120 mm

Edge grinder HB 1000

Edge grinder HB 1000

  •  high performance edge grinder of verified construction
  •  radius grinding, veneer edges

3D model

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