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Alternative name: CNC machining center Titan

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Intended use: Massif, composite, plastics

The basic design of the machine is made of welds from sheet metal cinders that are subsequently annealed to reduce internal strains, and machined. The characteristic feature is a portal (bridge) construction of the cross-member with clamped driving servomotors of the X axis (gantries) on both sides. The centre is fitted with modern control system SIEMENS SINUMERIC 840 D – SL The control system cooperates with a number of CAD systems which are commonly used in the construction practise (SOLID WORKS, PRO-E, etc.) The operating environment of the control system is displayed on LCD monitor placed on the moving panel. After programming, the machine can be controlled by means of manual controller. The system control modules can be remotely connected via internet with the servicing centre of HOUFEK.

Interesting product

  • five-axis woodworking centre equipped with a dual-axis head
  • production of intricate furniture components and wooden or Styrofoam models for metal foundries, and similar.

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The CNC centre Titan is designed for:

  • production of intricate furniture components and wooden or Styrofoam models for metal foundries, and similar.
Weight kg according to the type and configuration of the machine
Travel X mm 3 800-20 800
Travel Z mm 1 000 (1500, 2000)
Maximum dimension of the workpiece in axis X mm 3 000-20 000
Maximum dimension of the workpiece in axis Y mm 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000
Maximum dimension of the workpiece in axis Z mm 700 (1200, 1700)
Fast shift - axis X and Y m/min 50
Fast shift - axis Z m/min 50
Performance kW (S6) 12-16,2-18
Max rpm rpm 24 000
Clamping stop - HSK F63
C axis -
Rotary tool hopper No. 7 (14)
Motor power kW
Spindle rpm and slotting saws rpm
Vertical spindles X+Y No.
Horizontal spindles X+Y No.
Slotting saw in axis X mm
Slotting saw diameter mm
operating pressure bar
Number of workplaces No.
Vacuum pump raster desk m3 /hod
Vacuum pump beam desk m3 /hod
Number of beams No.
Input installed kVA 35
Operational air pressure bar

 Standard equipment

  • smooth desk-type G
  • raster desk-type R
  • desk with the t-groove - type T
  • main milling electrical spindle
  • overhead tool magazine
  • lubrication
  • auxialiary outputs of compressed air and vacuum
  • safety devices
  • control - siemens sinumerik 840D-SL

Optional equipment

  • electric spindle 18 Kw
  • extension of the X axis stroke of 1.000mm
  • extension of the Z axis stroke of 500mm
  • rot. Instrument cartridge
  • aluminium smooth table with threaded steel inserts M12
  • aluminium raster tale with vacuum distribution
  • external rulers of lin. Axises X, Y, Z
  • external rulers of lin. Axises B, C
  • spindle with position gauges of the rotor
  • external tool blowing
  • external cooling of the machine
  • tool probe
  • spindle probe
  • spindle shaving vacuuming
  • laser projector
  • vacuum pump 250m3/h
  • vacuum pump 500 m3/h
  • vacuum reservior 500l
  • CAM software TOP SOLID

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