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Belt wood grinders

The grinding belts or the belt grinders are an integral part of each joinery operation.

The wood belt grinders are multipurpose machines designed for: 

  • grinding the flat boards and parts placed on height adjustable worktop
  • grinding minor parts on the top part of the grinding unit plate  
  • grinding with the grinding unit tilting by 90°

Eco series is the simplest and cheapest variant, and it offers a wide range of application, identically to belt grinders Basset. Husky series represents the highest class in its category of belt grinders. VPB 3200 is vertical belt grinder for wood with the same range of application.

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Basset belt grinding machine

Basset belt grinding machine

Category: Profi
Intended use: Massif, composite, plastics
  • classic belt grinder based on the series Eco
  • grinding wooden workpieces or wood base composite materials, and some plastic materials
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Belt grinder Husky

Belt grinder Husky

Category: Wood grinding machines
Intended use: Massif, composite, plastics
  • belt grinder based on Basset series.

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